…this piggy went to Scotland

...this piggy went to Scotland

I had to share this. My friend posted this on another friend’s wall for her birthday and I just fell in love with it and I’ll tell you why.

This little piggy is me.
Small and freckled. BOOM.
Wearing a green top hat. I might wear this if I was feeling super classy. The UK and its fashion sense are quite unique and experimental so who knows, maybe in the next few days I’ll purchase a green top hat.
He is pushing a grocery cart. That’s all I feel like I have been doing lately. Shopping for food. Trying to find the cheapest prices…BUT
There is what appears to be Guinness in the cart…At the end of every food trip we make here, it seems as if we all come to the conclusion that we don’t really need the food as long as we have the beer. And, to the surprise of many people here in Scotland both lad and lassie, my favorite beer is Guinness.

So, in conclusion, I am this little piggy and this little piggy is me. Just a wee lass, getting chubbier by the second, strolling around in a new top hat with a smirk and a pint of Guinness.

Oh, happy day!


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