Have Love Will Travel – Part One

So, as if I need to say it…it’s been a while since I’ve written and for that there are multiple reasons not all of which will be addressed in this post but spread out across the next few as I attempt to digest all of the thoughts, feelings and revelations I’ve been having over the past weeks.

In short, it has been AHHMMAAZING! From the people to the places I’ve been I feel like I have been living a dream. No…seriously. Someone needs to make sure I get up before noon because I would really love to see more daylight a greater amount than 4 days a week.

Okay, okay. I’m trying to be serious here but when you’re funny you just can’t help it. *all friends reading this post sigh and roll eyes*

So, anywhoo, in this particular post I am going to try and paint y’all a picture of the highlights of each of the places that I’ve been. This won’t be easy but hopefully it will be worth it. Bear with me, folks. It’s about to get grizzly….get it? Like a bear.

Oh my god, I really am sorry.

Here we go. First up is AMSTERDAM.

1.) There was WAY more Dutch in this city than people told us. We were quite confused at both the airport & the train station but we did not panic and we made it through just fine 🙂

1939790_10202632252799104_1365623412_n2.) I don’t think I’ve ever seen a prettier city. From the adorable unique houses to the gorgeous canals on what felt like every road, Amsterdam takes the cake. Or should I say the “pancake” since that’s what they are famous for.
3.) HOLY DUTCH PANCAKES. So good. And so big. Like oversized crepes. One of my favorite parts of travelling is tasting the staple foods for each place and this did not disappoint.

4.) Anne Frank Huis. Wow. Words cannot describe what it was like to walk through THE bookshelf to the Annex where Anne and her family were prisoners only to eventually become prisoners of a worse kind. We saw the photos Anne stuck on the walls and the lines that were drawn to mark her and her sister, Margot’s, growth. Now that was surreal. Something I will remember my whole life–a reminder that we can and should never forget those who suffered in the past.

556011_10203334061578235_1970688473_n5.) Bikes! Bikes! Bikes! This was probably one of my favorite parts of the trip. Not only because I haven’t ridden a bike in like…5 or 6 years…but because I felt like a local. I think there are more bikes than cars in that city. There was, however, two things that happened to me right when we started our day on wheels that is quite typical of a life of being me. One: right when we pulled out into the street everyone else did fine but I nearly got hit by a car. Classic. Two: I dropped my water bottle and when I got back on my bike and looked up, all my companions were gone. I stood still for about a solid 5 minutes praying and trying to calm myself down by saying, “Genny..you’re 21 years old. A strong woman. In a city that speaks “mostly” English. Without a phone. Or much money. You are SO gonna be fine.” But then, Danielle came to my rescue and all was well. If she hadn’t though. I think I may have broken down in the middle of the street. Tears were in the process of welling.

6.) The Red Light District. I didn’t actually realize we were headed that way until we were there. I distinctly remember scanning the store fronts and thinking oh my gosh look how real that mannequin looks in that red window. Oh my gosh, it moves! Oh…I see. And there we were, in the Red Light District. Some travelers may think that this part of Amsterdam is cool and quite liberal, open-minded, unique even. But, for me. It served only to freak me out and make me sad. But, I am still thankful I got to see it. It was an experience.

1904045_10203334050417956_1508763249_n7.) Numero seven goes out to the thing that I can’t write about on here. Needless to say, the nightlife and even the “daylife”  in Amsterdam was quite an adventure!


8.) God bless all the cheese.

9.) Van Gogh Museum. It is a surreal experience to be directly in front of some of the world’s most famous works of art. Some of my favorites, though, were the one’s I’d never even heard of or seen before. I am a big art fan and love any chance to get up close and see the brush strokes of famous painters like Van Gogh!

10.) The way that Dutch sounds when it is spoken. It sounds sooo cool. I loved saying Good morning.

Goede Morgen! Picture sweet large man from Frozen. YOOHHOO Big summah blowout!

For Isle of Skye and London, see Part Deux.


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