Too Many Thoughts To Think

Why hello dear reader,

I apologize, first and foremost, for not keeping very up to date on my posts….I am a scatter-brained ninny that just can’t get her life together or sit still for longer than 15 minutes. It has been a week since I landed back in the good ol’ US of A and ended the most adventurous season of my life to date and, truth be told, I haven’t really given myself the time to process through much of anything. BUT here I am, attempting to sit still and write out all the thoughts that have been swimming through my brain for the past week(s). Is it weird to say that I feel suffocated by my own thoughts? Because I totally feel that way.

It’s like I have a thought, and I pull it out of the pond (or whatever metaphorical body of water you wish to picture) dry it off, set it down and look at it. But, while I am trying to decipher that little guy, another one is pushing its way to the forefront of my brain, demanding my attention. So, I pull out that guy, dry him off, and then sit him (or her) down beside the other. Each fighting for my attention, pulling at me.

Two Thoughts Sitting Together. One related to but not dependent on the other. Nope, sorry brain, Can’t handle. Too much to sort through and I’m hungry so I am going to forget my troubles in this ham & cheese toastie.

And that’s that. Suffocated. By my own Thoughts. So, the next few posts are going to be about me attempting to untangle them from myself – detach them and study them. Understand them so that they can stop swimming through my brain and finally be at peace. No, ham and cheese toastie! I will not find refuge in you anymore so stop tempting me!

Anyway, even if no one reads these posts, I hope that through this process that I can begin to purge, evaluate, understand and grow. And if you do read them and realize something too, then, well, that’s all we can ask for when it comes to sharing life with one another, isn’t it?


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