Creativity Is A Muscle


Hello folks!

So, a wise individual once told me that creativity is a muscle – you’ve got to stretch it in order for it to grow. Well, when I heard that, my mind was blown and I immediately realized one thing – wow, I’ve wasted A LOT of time. And that muscle is gonna be a bit rusty.

At the same time, I’ve got to say I was relieved. Now instead of wallowing and whimpering as I stare at a blank canvas wishing that I had the innate creative gene that would bubble up from within me and vomit beauty onto the pages, I could just, ya know, do the dang thing. And yes, vomit. I mean you don’t necessarily try to vomit do you? It sort of just happens – that’s what I wanted. Sorry. Gross metaphor…but still.

Even though I now knew that I merely had to put a bit of effort into setting aside time to stretch out that creativity, I felt my world open up. My heart was lighter and my confidence greater.

So, the question now is, how does one prepare for such a workout? In order to get the most out of any time of exercise, what is the most important/beneficial thing to do? STRETCH. PREPARE. LOOSENĀ THOSE MUSCLES UP. Lord knows, pulling a groin is bad I can’t imagine how pulling a creativity feels. WOO.

Anywhoo, the whole point of this post is to encourage you to work that creative muscle. TWERK IT OUT, y’all. And here is a list of ways that I have found stretch you the most before said workout.

  1. Coffee or Tea. Pour yourself a cup. Or whatever your favorite beverage is. It will make you happy and ready to dig in.
  2. Have some alone time. At least for me I always find that if there is the tiniest excuse for a distraction, I will find one.
  3. Do you think better in the morning, afternoon, or evening? Try and set aside a time for when your brain is most active – when it does its best work
  4. Make a playlist – recently Spotify has designed a sweet system where you can search for music based on moods and tasks i.e. driving, sleeping, “chilling,” bathing…whatever it is. I LOVE these but if you have some of your own music too then do that. I usually work best when the music has no words, otherwise I’ll sing them and get distracted…again
  5. Use your hands! Alternate between pointer finger and thumb (like holding a #1 sign) on one handĀ and the thumb and the rest of the fingers (like a German number 3 or an “Okay” sign) on the other.
  6. In a similar one hand does one thing, while the other does another fashion. On one hand touch your pinky and your thumb together and touch each finger to the thumb consecutively. On the other hand, touch the pointer finger and thumb together and move through each finger (same as other hand except opposite direction).Ā Both of the last two exercises, according to my boss – Justine – force you into your right brain! Pretty cool, huh?
  7. “Expect the unexpected” – according to this wiki how article <; expectations shape reality and if you expect creativity, innovation and novelty to flow from you, it is more likely that it will! Sweet….I expect that Ellen DeGeneres will invite me on her show and make me her apprentice…anything?
  8. Actually workout…like exercise a little. Get that blood moving throughout your body and those endorphins flowing. You can do anything you like too! Biking, running, yoga, jump roping, walking, juggling, swimming or dancing (my personal favorite). I bet you you’ll feel way better and more inspired & pumped afterwards.
  9. Utilize a sketchbook throughout the day where you doodle, design and write down all the outlandish and wonderful and strange and even meaningless things you think about it. Treat them like little nuggets of gold and who knows maybe when you revisit them during your set aside creativity workout, they will actually end of being just that.
  10. According to this site <;, you should flip through theĀ dictionary, point to a word, then write and draw the things that come to mind when you see that word. Apparently, it helps for us to have some semblance of boundaries when we are seeking out creativity so our minds are not too overwhelmed
  11. LAUGH! I mean it, real or forced, it works to enhance your mood. Just don’t do this one in public unless your with a friend…no one wants to be that person.

Okay friends. Now that you have a few warm-ups, go get creative! Good luck and may the odds…eh, not really appropriate. YOU ROCK!


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