Who Am I?

co-co lovinLover.ServantOfChrist.Storyteller.Dancer.Worrier.Traveler.Crafter.





If there is one thing I believe with all my heart yet can’t ever seem to remember or understand fully, it is that Nothing is Impossible with my God. Nothing. This, to me, is the most captivating notion. Luke 1:37

3 thoughts on “Who Am I?”

  1. Hi!
    I operate a website/blog that works with/ talks about studying abroad; you can find the links at http://ramblingstudents.wordpress.com/ (Blog) and http://studentsramblings.weebly.com/ (Website). I’m trying to start up a page/post-line where I interview students who are/were studying abroad about their experience, and I was wondering if you would mind answering the ten questions about your experience in Scotland (or however many of these questions you’d be willing to answer. Here are the questions:

    1. Where are you in your education? (Sophomore, Junior, Etc.–Highschool/College)
    2. What have you decided to/are you interested in studying?
    3. Why did you decided to study abroad; what sort of things did you consider?
    4. What program did you participate in, where did you go, and how long did it last?
    5. How did you pick this program; what made it stand out above the rest?
    6. Is the program well planned, are things running smoothly?
    7. How do you like the classes/educational/employment parts of this program? Have you learned a lot?
    8. What is the country like? Does it meet your expectations?
    9. What has been the best and worst part about your experience traveling abroad?
    10. Would you make the same decision to study abroad with this program now, as you did before?

    If you would be willing to answer them, you can email me at: deceptivelyblonde@gmail.com, send it to me via the contact page on the Website, or just post your answers here.

    I noticed that you also have been writing up lists of your favorite places when you travel. If you’re interested, I can also also feature a similar post about your favorite places in Edinburgh, where you are studying.

    I would really appreciate your help in contributing to this; Thanks!

    1. Hey there! Sorry I am just now getting back to you on here. I would LOVE to do the interview if you would still like it – and the post about my favorite places in Edinburgh would be so much fun as well. I have been meaning to start a post about that! I will do the questions tomorrow and send them off to you!

      Thanks for reading my blog! Cheers xx 🙂

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